Unngå kleine arbeidsdager etter julebordet



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Many people experience unwanted attention from colleagues during such additions, and it is not always easy to deal with then and there. It could be unwanted sexual attention, pressure to drink, or an employee who sees his cut to tell the boss where the cupboard should be. It is therefore important to have clear and distinct guidelines within the company. Did you know that bad behavior at the Christmas table can lead to dismissal?

All companies should have a clear attitude and guidelines, which are written down in a policy that all employees know. «How do we want it at our place?» Then it is easier to handle and follow up on any unpleasant situations that may arise.

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For example, a state-owned enterprise with approx. 800 employees ensure that there are always non-alcoholic options on the tables before alcohol is offered. The employees must pay for the alcohol themselves if they wish to drink it. The non-alcoholic options are free. This is a deliberate action on the company’s part. They have taken a stand on which drug policy they want to have.

There are many people who think of the Christmas table as a private party, and who do not consider that their actions may have consequences. It is important to clarify that the Christmas party is a work-related social event. The employees must act in accordance with the company’s requirements and expectations.

In the period just before the Christmas table, it may be smart for the company to revive the internal drug policy, and remind all employees of what applies here. This way you can prevent unwanted behavior and ensure a good and safe working environment even after the party.

Read more about drugs and drug policy on AKAN’s website: https://akan.no/

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